Palo Santo Spray

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Aromatherapy | Meditation | Calming | Repel Mosquitoes | Attracts Positive Energy

Palo santo is a tree that’s native to Peru, Ecuador, and other South American countries. Our Palo Santo is ethically sourced.

Traditionally used to cleanse spaces and reset energies, Palo Santo help clearing your thoughts and space. It is enjoyed by many for its energetically cleansing and healing properties.

Our palo spray does not contain alcohol and is crystal infused to bring you energy, balance and harmony.


Size: 30ml

Origin: Hong Kong


How to use:

- Use as room cleansing spray

- Cleaning yoga mat, table, cabinet etc

- Spray to repel mosquitoes


- Not recommend for people who are pregnant, nursing or under a doctor's care

- Not recommend for people with G6PD deficiency

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