Flow Cosmetics

Flow cosmetics was created by a Finland mother, aromatherapist and innovator Riitta Jänkälä who believes that makeup, shampoo and handcream should not be formulated with tons of chemicals and artificial ingredients in 2004. Rather, it should harness the healing benefits of Finland's plentiful indigenous ingredients. Holding to this belief, all Flow cosmetics products are ​100% natural & chemical free​ and organic ingredients are used whenever possible.

We strive to make the products as natural as possible, while making sure that they really work as well. (Riitta, founder of Flow Cosmetics) Certified organic ingredients are used whenever possible, making the proportion of either organically grown or wild ingredients from arctic nature in the products particularly high. These pure and natural Ecocert approved ingredients are also abundant with substances that are important to the skin, including vitamins and antioxidants. To ensure the quality of the raw materials, purchases are made from various organic Finalnd farms and trustworthy European partners with certified products.

All products of Flow cosmestics are handmade, developed and dispatched in a small factory in Hyvinkää. The products are made in small batches.The brand has specially developed a variety of water-free products so as to avoid the use of any preservatives, with the few exceptions of water-based emulsions and skin toners that uses Ecocert and COSMOS approved natural preservatives.